The form for filing a complaint

(Fill in the form and send it back only if they want to claim the goods within the statutory period. The form should be printed, signed and sent scanned to the following e-mail address or paste it into your return tracking).

Addressee (the seller)


Company:                                    the-bioshop International Co.

Based:                                           Myšíková 283/28, 120 00 Praha 2

ID VAT:                                          0248 51 884/51 884 CZ0248

Email address:                 

Telephone number:                +420 606 814 425


My name:                                    **Fill in**

My address:                                **Fill in **

My phone and e-mail:             **Fill in **

Exercising the right of defective performance (complaints)

Dear Sirs,

day (*) I have in your shop (*) created order (order specifications see below). Me purchased product, however, has the following defects (* here it is necessary to describe in detail the defect). I demand to settle the claim as follows: (* There should be a desired method of execution described in detail, for example – “because it is a removable defect, I demand to repair the product at the latest within the legal deadline of 30 calendar days). At the same time, I ask you to issue a written confirmation of the claim, stating that I exercised the right of what the content of the complaint, together with my claim for repair / replacement, and then confirm the date and method of settling the claim, including confirmation of repair and its duration ( if it is a repair, not replacement).

  1. Date of order (*) / Received (*)
  2. Order Number:
  3. Funds for order, or even shipping were sent way (*)
    and will be returned back way (In case of transfer to an account, please send me the account number) (*)
  4. Name and surname of the consumer:
  5. Consumer Address:
  6. E-mail:
  7. Telephone:

(*) Delete as appropriate or add data.

        IN (Fill in space), On (insert date here)


             Name and surname consumers

List of attachments:

  1. The invoice for the goods ordered No. (*)

General guidance for complaints

Buying things you as a consumer must prove by submitting proof of purchase, or otherwise, sufficiently credible manner.

As a consumer, you can not apply the law of the defects that you yourself have caused or which you know when buying. Likewise also the defects for which we are with you, as the seller and the consumer, agreed to reduce the price. We are not responsible neither for normal wear and tear.

Complaints must be lodged no later than the 24-month period. Claims can be applied immediately to prevent expansion defects and in the consequence to reject the complaint. Early notification of defects after it is displayed, you can ensure smooth settlement of the claim.

Complaints are handled only when you will be notified about it. Expires If the statutory deadline, consider it a breach of contract and you can withdraw from the contract.