BIO Vitality boost

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Vitality Boost is an Organically Certified Royal Jelly
Produced by honey bees to feed the queen bees and their young.

It’s one of the most powerful nutritional substance found in nature for high energy and optimum health all year around, having loved by the British Royal family in England.

Health Benefits of Royal jelly:

– Rich in B complex.
(Thiamine -B1, Riboflavin – B2, Pantothenic acid
– B5, Pyridoxine -B6, Niacin -B3, Folic acid -B9, Inositol -B8, Biotin -B7) – Help in maintenance of healthy & younger-looking skin.
– Help increased collagen production
– Help in the Anti-aging process
– Help in skin repair & Wound Healing
– Help for the health of the heart & circulatory system
– Rich in trace minerals
– Help improving the function of the liver & Pancreas
– Help to balance blood sugar in the blood
– Help to improve the function of the brain
– Help for the health of bones and joints – Help to repair brain cells
– Help in losing weight
– Help to prevent hair lose and wrinkles formation
– Help to eliminate chronic fatigue and insomnia

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It’s recommended to take 3 capsules a day, preferably before sleep & in the morning on an empty stomach

Ingredients of one capsule:
– Jelly Royal freeze-dried 50mg
– Pollen Powder 200mg
– Vegetarian Capsule 25mg
– Total weight 275mg

50 Vegan Capsules

*Dietary supplement: Consume as part of a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.
*Store in a cool & dry place, away from heat sources.